William Hall

Rob Davies, President

Charles Louie

Kevin Finta

Smith Cunningham

Angelia Tant - District Manager/Secretary for Bradford Rec. Dist. 2059

Mailing: PO Box 1059 Oakley, CA 94561

Over night Mailing: 6329 Bethel Island Rd. Suite A

Bethel Island, CA 94511

Phone: 925-209-5480

The District Secretary is the custodian of records.

If you need to contact a trustee, please send an email to the District Secretary and identify which trustee you would like to contact. Please leave your contact information: Name, Phone and email

The District Secretary will contact the Trustee and provide your contact information.

Please contact the District Secretary Angelia Tant at bradford2059@gmail.com

Bradford Island Landowners:
Please use the following form to provide Emergency Contact Information

Public Record’s Request

Thank you for your Public Records Request
Requests can be submitted by email: bradford2059@gmail.com by phone 925-209-5480 or in writing to PO Box 1059 Oakley, CA 94511

Please provide the following information:

The name of the requestor. Organization (if any). A mailing address, telephone/fax number and/or email address. A specific description of the records requested. Logging and Tracking

Transmittal and Cost

Responses will generally be mailed or emailed. The District charges 10 cents per page for copies (including copies that are made for email). If the copying charges are $5 or less, we will provide the documents at no charge. Emailed documents are FREE of Charge. If the file is too large to email, the following will apply: The District charges $5 per electronic versions of certain documents (if available in electronic form) It there is a cost for a memory stick. The cost of the memory stick will be added to the charge.


The practice of the District is to strive to fully comply with the request within ten calendar days. If this is not possible, the District will notify you with an estimate of the date the records will be made available. The ten-day response period starts with the first calendar day after the date of receipt. If the request is received after 5pm on a weekday, or on a weekend or holiday, the next business day will be considered the date of receipt. business day will be considered the date of receipt.