District’s Location & Mission Statement:
Reclamation District Number 2059 (RD 2059) encompasses Bradford Island, located in Contra Costa County (County), California. RD 2059’s service area is bounded by the San Joaquin River to the north and west, the False River to the south and Fisherman’s Cut to the east.  Bradford is a unique island located in the heart of the delta that can only be accessed by a ferry.

Bradford Island Reclamation Area was established on November 19th, 1921. Our mission is to manage and maintain our 7.4 miles of levees by, operating flood control systems including pumps, canals and District ditches and reduce flood risk for properties within the District’s boundaries.

Mitigation Site Rehabilitation Request for Bids

Website User Friendly Guide for Landowners & Public

Board Meetings:

Meetings are held once a month

Day - 1st Tuesday of the Month

Time: 10 AM

Zoom is available

Location: Antioch Fair Grounds

Located at 1201 W. 10th St. Antioch, CA 94509

 (Next to Admin Office)

Office Hours:
Tuesday 9 AM - 5 PM
Friday 9 AM - 5PM

*****NEW SCHEDULE*****

9 am to 5 pm

The last run @ 5 PM (from the Bradford side - Last run leaving the island)
8 am, 9 am, 10 am, 11 am & 12 NOON

The last run @12 Noon (Is from the Bradford side - Last run leaving the island)
11 am, 12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm

The last run @ 3 PM (Is from the Bradford side - Last run leaving the island)

Hotline Number (925) 684-3766, but not manned 24/7 so will need to leave a message.

Bradford Island (Private Property)

All property on Bradford Island is owned by private individuals and by agencies for a specific use.  Any unauthorized access on any land on Bradford Island may be a trespass and could result in criminal or civil penalties.  Pursuant to California Penal Code Section 602 or Civil Code Section

Ferry Tickets may be purchased at GAS N SAVE (Vallero) located on Cypress near the road that takes you to the Ferry. Contact Phone: (925) 625-6055.

The tickets cost $7.75 for one full round trip for a four wheel vehicle.
YOU MUST have a ticket to board the ferry. NO CASH SALES.
If someone accepts cash from you, please call (925) 209-5480 to report this.

District Area of Jurisdictions

District Area of Jurisdiction":  The District Works and the adjacent area(s) to the District Works, over which the District has control and the ability to regulate:

1.         For “District Levees:”   The District Levee and the area on the landside and waterside of the District Levee that is required to maintain the stability, safety and integrity of  the  District  Levee  and  the  levee  operating,  maintenance,  relocation  and reconstruction requirements of the District (to-wit: 110 feet from the center line of the District Levee on the waterside; 110 feet from the center line of the District Levee on

the landside, with authority to regulate encroachments and land-use activities in that area from 110 feet to 160 feet from the centerline on the landside, if those encroachments or land use activities may impact the District’s Levee or District operations.   Excavation activities within 300 feet of levees are also subject to District jurisdiction and prior approval).