Fee Schedule

~Do note, this fee may be waived for landowners with minor projects
~Do note, this fee may be waived for landowners with minor projects~ The District Engineer and District Manager shall estimate the costs associated with review and monitoring of Encroachment Permit Applications

Permit Fees:  
Encroachment Permit $100
Encroachment Permit Review and Monitoring Varies
Ferry Tickets:  
*Fees Charged by the Delta Ferry Authority $7.75 per round trip
*Copy Fees .10 per page
*Returned Check Fee $30 per check
*Postage Fees Actual charges

Bradford Reclamation District 2059

Sources of Funding

· Ad Volorum Assessment – Tax Assessment Funds

· O & M Assessment (Proposition 218) – Tax Assessment Funds

· Ferry Ticket Sales

· Subventions Funding from the Department of Water Resources

· Project Funding Work Agreement Income from the Department of Water Resources

· Delinquent Tax Assessments Collected – Penalty & Interest

The District has the obligation to generate a new annual budget prior to the end of the fiscal year for the NEW & Upcoming Fiscal Year. The Board of Trustees places an agenda item on the agenda calling for an ADHOC Budget Committee. During the public meeting a budget committee is formed. The budget committee meets prior to the board meeting to review the financials, tax rolls, and other pertinent data used to determine the new budget. The accounting for the previous two (2) years is provided by staff, reviewed by the committee, costs for upcoming projects are considered and inflation in any reoccurring bills is taken into consideration. The annual DRAFT budget is put together by the District Engineer and input from the committee members during their meeting is implemented into the DRAFT Budget and then the NEW DRAFTED Budget is presented to the Board of Trustees during a public board meeting & The Board votes on the budget.

Historical Committees:

22/23 – Hall/Finta/Craig/Blake/Angelia – Landowners (Michael Gone/Scott Diamond)

20/21 – Hall/Finta/Blake/Angelia

19/20 – Folsom/Craig/Blake/Angelia

18/19 – Cunningham/Craig/Folsom/Blake/Angelia

17/18 – Cunningham/Folsom/Craig/Blake/Angelia

Hall - Trustee/Landowner

Finta - Trustee/Landowner

Cunningham - Trustee/Landowner

Folsom - Trustee/Landowner

Craig - Trustee/Landowner

Blake - District Engineer

Angelia - District Staff