Advance Notice of Ferry Ticket Price Increase

Dear Landowners,

As the 2022/23 budget year ended and the 2023/24 budget being developed, the cost to operate and maintain the ferry has created a significant impact to Bradford Reclamation District 2059’s overall financial stability. Since the District’s last Proposition 218 did not pass, ferry tickets were re-introduced for everyone needing access to Bradford Island by ferry. For the 2022/23 budget year, the District took in approximately $27,000 in revenue from the sale of ferry tickets. The District spent approximately $127,000 to operate and maintain the ferry (this amount is paid directly to the Delta Ferry Authority (DFA), which is a joint partnership with Webb Tract). This left the District in a deficit of $100,000. Bradford Reclamation District 2059’s primary focus is for levee maintenance, secondarily interior drainage (which includes the pump station and the drainage ditch). The cost to run the ferry is a landowner cost and as such, will need to be funded by Bradford Island landowners.

At today’s Bradford Reclamation District 2059’s Board meeting, the Board appointed a Ferry Committee to present alternatives for funding the ferry at the next Board meeting. The committee consists of two Board members; Smith Cunningham and Rob Davies; Ferry Captain Bruce Kitchens; District Engineer Blake Johnson; and support from Attorney Raquel Hatfield and DFA President Dave Forkel. As stated previously, the goal of this committee is to present alternatives for funding the ferry and present to the Board in September.

If you have any questions, please email or call 925-209-5480. The District Manager will be the liaison between the ferry committee members.

Thank you,

Bradford Reclamation District 2059

Notice Drafted by Blake Johnson District Engineer/Committee Member

This notice will also be posted on the District's Website


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Hotline Number (925) 684-3766, but not manned 24/7 so will need to leave a message.


Delta Ferry Authority 2022-2023 Final Budget

Delta Ferry Authority 2021-2022 Final Budget

Delta Ferry Authority 2020-2021 Final Budget

Passes can only be used by landowners of record, meaning the person(s) actually listed on the title of the property. They are not transferrable in any way, including family, friends, or contractors.

The Victory II is a free-running (no cable) ferry that takes vehicles from Jersey Island to both Webb Tract and Bradford Island.

Bradford Ferry Tolls

Ferry does not run on the following Holidays
Christmas Day
New Years

Ticket Sales:

  • The District does not sale individual ferry tickets
    Tickets may be purchased at the VAlERO (GAS and SAVE) located on cypress Road. Phone # 925-625-6055 their address is 1541 E Cypress Rd. Oakley, CA

Click the link below to view the Ferry Information Guide

Ferry Information Guide