Reclamation District 2059 Board of Directors

  • President/Financial Oversight – Robert Davies

  • Trustees:

    • Michael Craig

    • Charles Louie

    • Kevin Finta

    • William Hall


      Five landowners or legal representatives of landowners elected at large for four-year terms

      District Board Members Began serving Expiration of term
      William Hall 12/01/2021 11/2025
      Rob Davies, President 12/01/2021 11/2025
      Charles Louie 12/01/2021 11/2025
      Kevin Finta 11/2023 11/2027
       Michael Craig 11/2023 11/2027


  • Reclamation District 2059 – District Staff
  • Consultants for District:
      • District Attorney:  Raquel A. Hatfield

      • District Auditors: Rob Gross, CPA, CFE – Schwarz, Giannini, Lantsberger & Adamson


District’s Treasurer:

By Laws Section 7.4 Treasurer

a. The Treasurer of the District shall be the County Treasurer of the Contra Costa County

b. The District may appoint a Trustee, The District Secretary, or other administrative personnel to serve as Treasurer to the Board of Trustees, who shall be responsible for preparing all financial reports, and other documents relating to the District’s finances, as directed by the Board

  1. The District’s Treasurer is the County Treasurer of Contra Costa County. The County hold’s the Bank Account & Funds for District identifying us with a special fund # – The Treasurer’s Staff reviews all checks prior to issuance. (There is a group emailed that includes seven (7) County Treasurer staff member’s email address’ + The District’s Board President’s email) A warrant transmittal is pre-emailed to the group outlining all checks to be issued. The checks go to the County Treasurer’s Office in Martinez, their staff in the downstairs building reviews check(s), inputs them into their system, then the checks go to the upstairs office where a second review is done, a staff member dates and initials the checks. They provide the district with a copy of the original warrant transmittal that was emailed with a county date and time stamp on it. This is prior to the issuance of any checks. Once this process has been completed, the checks can then be mailed out to the vendors.
  2. Independent Auditing Firm Audits the District’s Books for the fiscal year
  3. Board of Trustees reviews all checks issued in the check detail report at the District Board Meetings
  4. Board President is included in the email(s) to the County Treasurer’s Office
  5. State Controller’s Office requires a Financial Transaction Report be filed annually along with a Government Compensation Report

Time Sheets:

The subject columns worked are listed however not limited to:

These are time sheets used by staff members that are subject to change. Additional information maybe added or removed depending on the projects.

These are not the entire job descriptions of the staff. The staff use the time sheet to track their time and subjects worked. The time sheet is used to track various projects, equipment used and locations worked at.

Engineering Time Sheet

Levee Super Time Sheet

Manager-Secretary Time Sheet

Staffs Compensation:

Angelia H. Tant
District Manager/District Secretary Employed since 2006-current
Annual Salary $47k
Part Time with no benefits

Ronald D. Mijares
Levee Superintendent
Annual Salary $30k
Part Time with no benefits

The District does not and has never offered: CALPERS/Retirement/401k
Health or Dental Benefits
Holiday Pay
ONLY the Mandatory Sick Hours per employment laws

Staff are compensated for company mileage & offered some reimbursements for home/personal office utilities.

The District has no rented office space

Trustee Reimbursement & Compensation Policy

Standard Hiring Practices

Levee Superintendent Posting

Angelias Ethics Training Certificate 2022